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Welcome to the wines & Joy blog! If you appreciate wines and joy and walking through vineyards, you are at the right place! 

It all starts with a

Generational Book Legacy!

Soil is rooted in the depths of history, constant climatic changes, ethnic grape varieties, and expertise acquired from generation to generation.  Each wine reflects the spirit of the soil and the winemaker who made it. Some are outstanding, others disappointing, but they all reveal a story.  

I denied my grandparents’ winemaking legacy for years, believing it was not for me. When they passed away, I ended up with a vintage book entitled: “Il Vino – Come farlo, imbottigliarlo, invecchiarlo” (Wine: how to make it, how to bottle it, and how to age it), which was left for me by my grandparents, I realized that my passion for wine was part of my identity.  

Through this blog, I wish to retrace the legacy of my grandparents to reconnect with them and the mutual memories I had with them.  

My dad (Antonio Di Carlo) in our family vineyard
My dad (Antonio Di Carlo) in our family vineyard

Wines, allies of joy

“Ecclesiastes 9:7 drink your wine with a merry heart” / “Psalm 104:15 wine to gladden the heart of man “

Winemakers cultivated grapevines, wrestled with vicious insects trying to destroy the vineyards, picked the grapes, pressed and bottled wine, and did countless other tasks. So much effort is required for the sound of a bottle cork heralding a joyful moment. Ultimately, the real value of opening a wine bottle is joy.   

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This blog aims to honor my grandparents. Yet to inform you about the wine news and provides you with information about the history of wine, winemaking, wine aging, and how to pair wines with food. Especially studying WSET level 2, I decided to share my journey in the world of wine, my discoveries, and my pleasures around wine. I will talk about wines I enjoy because I only appreciate good wine, and I believe this pleasure is worth sharing.  

Wine is a lifelong journey, each experiment a gateway to discoveries, new passions, and new contacts. Therefore, I will accompany you on a journey to discover this fascinating world. 

This blog is an opportunity to learn and inspire to share wine-related experiences and delights. Here you will learn about the origins of wine, the vineyards, the winemakers, the grape varieties, and the tasting methods to enjoy wine.

The vocation of this blog is to provide practical information and make the wine world accessible to everyone. It aims to introduce you to wineries across the world. “Wines & Joy” values ancient legacies, relishes modern trends and guides you through this rich and diverse universe of wines.

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